Sooooo cute and functional too. Keeps hands from chemicals and from messing up my nails. These really work well as household gloves PLUS they are snazzy!
I have to wear gloves for dishes because of tendency toward skin problems, these at least keep me smiling while I do dishes. They last much longer than the yellow Playtex variety.- C. McDowall
These gloves were a gift for a friend who was about to change jobs. I thought she needed to look her best no matter what was asked of her! She loved them! - Bobbi
Sooooo cute! I have been looking for the rubber glove with such a fun color. I don't want the plain blue or yellow glove for a cleaning lady and this is what I wanted for a long time! - Ash




Earth Butter was part of my bedtime routine during my pregnancy. I put it on my stomach and "love handle" areas. I had my baby about three weeks ago and I don't have any stretch marks. I also never suffered from that typical itchy skin during pregnancy. It made me feel good that I was using a product that was so pure and natural and I plan to continue using it. -Angelica Mistro


The earth butter is clean and natural with the amazingly healing scents of essential oils.  I love the texture as a massage therapist because it has glide and traction at the same time, supporting my strokes; which means I don't have to work as hard.  The Shea butter makes it moisturizing to the skin but not too thick.  It leaves the skin smooth, soft and subtle.  My clients always comment on how much they like it! -Tiffany Hume


Thanks to Robert Jones at the electic lodge festival yesterday for the samplebalms. They are very high quality.Earth Butter Body Balm – shea butter infused with olive, jojoba and essential oils. Earth butter is made using only the finest organic ingredients from mother earth. It is a wonderful blend of shea butter (karite) olive oil, jojoba oil, and essential oils. To ensure superior quality. Earth butter is hand crafted in small batches. We hope you enjoyEarth Butter’s bountiful benefits. - Victor Caballero